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Dual Shaft Shredders are very versatile machines that can handle the most demanding size reduction challenges. Typically, these multi-shaft industrial shredding machines are low speed with high torque which allows for lower power consumption less dust and noise. Dual shaft shredders are low speed, high torque machines that are used to tear and shred material to reduce size.

Understanding the Important Specifications for Dual Shaft Shredders

Our size reduction machinery experts check a variety of equipment specifications and machine capabilities when looking for used dual shaft shredders.

Chamber Dimensions: This is the size of the cutting area of the shredder. Not to be confused with the hopper opening, although usually they are the same size, there can be a difference.

Rotor Design/Number of Cutters: The diameter of the cutting tools and thickness of each tool is very important to determine what applications a shredder can be used.

Cutting tooth design, as well as metallurgy are important and should be noted.  In a dual shaft shredder, a significant amount of value comes from the rotors themselves. Detailed photos and measurements of rotor wear should be noted when looking at used shredders to buy.

Drive Style: Dual shaft shredders are typically driven with electric motors or hydraulic drives. Electric motors, although initially cheaper, seem to have more popularity, and therefore hold value well on the secondary market.  Hydraulic systems require more upfront cost.  The advantage of this system is that it provides greater torque to the system. They do require more maintenance, and on the secondary market are not as popular.

Serviceability Features: Hopper ram feed is one of the most common dual shaft shredder features. This allows the user to force feed material with a pneumatically/hydraulic actuated ram to improve throughput.

Industrial Use of Dual-Shaft Shredders

Common applications for Dual-Shaft Shredders include all types of plastics, E-scrap, document destruction, metals, tires, and hazardous waste. There are many options and configurations that can be applied to tackle these processes. Specific examples: Ram assist, cutter hardfacing, auto reversing and screens.

Buy Quality Used Dual-Shaft Shredders

Arlington Machinery’s sales staff can help you choose the right industrial shredder for your application. Contact us with your requirements and we can identify a selection of quality used or refurbished industrial shredding machinery to fit your precise needs.

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